Pilates is a full body exercise method that emphasises proper alignment, good technique and correct breathing. It aims to increase flexibility and strength as well as integrating body and mind to create a sense of relaxation and well being. Pilates benefits people who suffer with general aches and pains - specifically neck and lower back pain. Poor posture, weak muscles and habitual patterns of misuse due to injury or poor positioning make the body inefficient and out of balance. This creates problems with correct positioning/alignment and the bodies normal movement patterns.

Pilates helps to restore the body's natural alignment through strengthening the core muscles, helping to bring it into balance so it can move more efficiently with out restriction or pain. The exercises are taught in standing, lying or sitting and with the use of some simple equipment. Anybody can do Pilates regardless of age, fitness level or gender. It is suitable for a variety of health problems and medical conditions as all the exercises can be modified to accommodate individual needs. If you are looking for improvements in core strength around the spine and pelvis, improved posture and less pain then Pilates is undoubtedly for you!

At Deeside Physiotherapy we offer a wide variety of Pilates Services. From Pilates classes for both beginners and intermediate levels to expert one to one sessions we have it all covered. Our Pilates classes are taught to the highest possible standard by Sandy Batho of Sublime Pilates. Sandy, with her reassuring hands on approach will ensure your alignment and posture are perfect throughout all abilities. Working together with Deeside Physiotherapy all your needs can be tailored for.

Interested? Follow the link to sandy's website for our class timetable or find her on Facebook.


Please feel free to contact her directly or contact us and we'll do our best to help you out.


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